Additional Information

Bethany Lowe Designs & How to Order

I am so excited to have my Charmed Confections reproduced through Bethany Lowe Designs and thrilled that everyone now has an opportunity to own a piece of my art!

Who is Bethany Lowe Designs?  They are the leader in manufacturing some of the best seasonal collectibles for retail gift & specialty stores on the market.   I am thrilled to be among their selected art designers and look forward to creating a product line of Charmed Confections collectibles that you will treasure for years to come.

Wholesale Online & Retail Stores:

If you have an online or retail store and are interested in carrying any of my above pieces, or would like to see all of the beautiful seasonal art that Bethany Lowe Designs carries, please go to their site and request to be a distributor.  It's fast and easy with very little minimum purchase.   You will absolutely love their catalog, and I guarantee you, your customers will be delighted!   Click on the following link for more information.


Please visit your local gift & specialty stores and ask if they carry any Bethany Lowe Designs.   I would truly appreciate if you would mention the Charmed Confections collection and suggest they carry them in their store.  Have them request a catalog by going to

If there are no retail gift shops in your area, please contact me and I will see what I can do for you!  

Thanks so much!  LeeAnn